About MediFin

MediFin is an Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 46701.

In addition to financing medical procedures, MediFin offers medical emergency insurance products as part of its financial services portfolio. MediFin works closely with Insurance companies and medical underwriters to ensure that our products meet the needs of our Clients and reduce the risk of unexpected costs that arise from medical emergencies. 

MediFin Insurance products are cost effective and easy to procure using our advanced Quote & Buy solutions. A wealth of information is provided so that you can research the product details and find information on:

MediFin assists South Africans in proceeding with their desired, if not critical, cosmetic procedures sooner rather than later to take out cover for costs that could arise from medical emergencies.

MediFin Insurance offers professional insurance services that are supported by three pillars; namely Trust, Reliability and Experience


Our underwriting partners have worked with us to develop products that meet the needs of our customers and follow the policy of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF).


MedFin aims to deliver a consistent, high quality service to our clients and customers at all times.


Our experts offer a professional service that assist clients in making the right decision when procuring a financial product.