Claims Procedure

For Medical Emergency Insurance claims, kindly call 011 326 3951. For Travel related claims, kindly call 011 991 8419.

For the Insurer to assess your claim, the following information is required:

Medical Emergency Insurance

1.    Personal details of insured and hospitalisation information;

2.    Certificate from surgeon explaining the complication;

3.    Accounts from Hospital, Surgeon, etc. for costs of medical complication;

4.    Claim payment information.

Travel Insurance

1. Details of other insurance covering the same event;

2. Information and proof in support of the claim;

3. Documents or details of any communication in connection with the claim.

The Insurance will be settled within 48hours from the date of receiving a full set of Claims documentation and where no further claims assessment is required.

Medical Shortfall Insurance

Claims should be submitted in writing (i.e. complete the claim form as soon as possible) by no later than six months from the admission date into hospital. All documents are to be submitted within 365 days from the date of the procedure being carried out by a hospital/ medical practitioner. 

Claim forms are obtainable from MediFin. Kindly contact us via telephone or email and we will assist you in facilitating the claim. All claim assesments will be performed by the underwriter.

We will provide you with the claim form, this will be completed by you and submitted with the relevant supporting documentation.