Specialised Hearing Aid Insurance

In the event that the HEARING AID:

In the event that the HEARING AID:

  • Can be repaired, your Insurer will pay the costs reasonably incurred to restore it to its state of serviceability immediately before the damage. Should such costs exceed 60% of the value of the HEARING AID it will be replaced.
  • Is replaced by your Insurer they agree to pay the reasonable cost of replacement with a HEARING AID of the same or similar type but not superior to or more extensive than the existing HEARING AID.

All products are underwritten by Mutual & Federal, an Authorised Financial Services Provider (Mutual & Federal)

Fast Facts

Our spesialised Hearing Aid Insurance provides cover against unforeseen physical loss or damage to your hearing device, WORLDWIDE!

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ZAR 29,17 p.m.

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